5 Best City To Visit in Italy

Are you wondering your visit to Italy where you will spend your days? You need not worry anymore as there beautiful cities from where you can have the best of fun desired in your trip. Italy is one country with delectable food, rich culture, and glorious weather not forgetting the sublime scenery. It could even be difficult to establish which city you will visit before the other. Below are top 5 cities not to miss visiting on your trip to Italy:

1. Rome

This is the capital of the country and it’s one place you should never miss to pay a visit to. Get to know why the city does not miss in most visitors visiting adventures for most holiday fans. Rome features fountains, piazzas, basilicas and ruins which will enrich your camera with the best memories. For lovers of history and art, this is the best place to be with its amazing ancient treasures, sculptures and fabulous paintings. Among other things to do and enjoy is seeing the many landmarks like the Vatican. Just close by is a cafe that serves spinach kale mango smoothie.

2. Venice

Also known as the City of Bridges and it would be incomplete and fulfilling not to visit this city while in Italy. It’s such a romantic city which will offer things like a chance to admire the water photogenic facades and Italian palaces used long ago, a relaxing gondola ride. Visit the famous St. Mark’s Basilica as well as the Square. This will help you know why the Venice architecture has been a visitors place now for centuries.

3. Florence

Another city ranked among the most beautiful of all cities you could find on this planet. Therefore, every visitor to Italy must pay a visit to this UNESCO designated site. It is also Tuscany’s capital and among the picturesque regions in the country.

4. Naples

The city of phenomenal dishes taken in Italy and it’s the mother of pizza whereby the Neapolitans have declared the city proudly as best cuisine city in Italy. Not only does the city major on foods, it also forms part of the most populated Europe cities with as many examples of art and architecture.

For admirers of Roman and ancient Greek art, do not miss a visit to Archeology National Museum. To enjoy the visit to this city the most, do the travelling in the months of May, April and March, November, October and September as they are cooler months of the year.

5. Turin

A beautiful city located on the Alps Southeast north of the country. The city offers elegant and cool charm from its expansive and boulevards piazzas. It makes the best place to do contemplation and walks. Turin was the former capital before Italy and you will as well get to know its history. It’s also the Italy chocolate capital hosting chocolate festival every year in early December or late November. The best times of the year to pay a visit to this city is the month of November and early December such that you target the chance of enjoying that chocolate festival where original Nutella recipe, as well as hazelnut, is availed.

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